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Tornai wine
In addition to goulash, cardash and SPAs, Hungary is also known for its excellent quality wine. One of them is the Tornai wine from the Somló region. If you want to learn more about the native Hungarian varieties and the Tornai winery, the HEPA Balkan office is at your disposal.

The Olajütő company produces coldpressed oils of excellent quality from the Ormánság area. In addition to their gastronomic value, these oils also play an important role in maintaining your health. For all lovers of aromatic oils, this company, among other things, offers pleasure in the flavors of pumpkin, walnuts, poppies, grapes, sunflower, chili, garlic. If you want to feel the magic of these oils, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

VIAPLANT are lamps and furniture based on plants for interior decoration and fashion design. Thanks to the strength of the materials used and the aesthetics of nature, Viaplant does not follow passing trends, but is always in trend.

The Pécsi Brewery
The quick extension of organic beer brewing is a strategic goal of The Pécsi Brewery. They aim to completely transfer their Premium brands to ecological ingredients in the following few years. The ingredients come exclusively from the Carpathian Basin region.

Cleanne CristalClean
Cleanne CristalClean with its herbal ingredients can convince you that you can choose a healthy, environmentally conscious life, and not a home filled with chemicals.

Imperity hairdressing products were created in collaboration with professional hairdressers and they represent the latest hair care methods with the help of the most advanced formulas and recipes. Top quality Imperity hairdressing cosmetics are sustainable and eco-friendly products that are available at very affordable prices.

A sip of Chányi
A sip of Chányi wine will encourage you to accept new challenges and adventures, enjoy every moment and relax in the company of friends. A bottle of this wine will bring a smile to your face and release you of negative energy.

When there is a social gathering, we put snacks on the table. It’s a tradition, a convention, or let’s say a habit. It is also a habit that we choose different snacks for different occasions and company. Indeed some of the snacks bond so basically with social events and activities that we don’t even think about choosing another one. Because we know that the snack makes the occasion complete.

Daniella Ipari Park
Daniella Ipari Park Kft. Is a Hungarian company engaged in the production of foam glass, ie. lightweight thermal insulation material The Energocell® foam glass granules are tested and qualified according to the strictest European regulations governing product certification.

Pek-Snack Kft
We believe that people should enjoy precious moments every day from breakfast to dinner, through sweet snacks. These are products that the consumer can trust, with a tradition that Pek-Snack has nurtured for over 20 years.