News 30.10.2023

Agreement on Export of Raspberries to Hungary Reached

The export of agricultural products to Hungary is growing, pointed out the minister of agriculture, forestry and water management of Serbia, Jelena Tanaskovic, at the agriculture and food industry fair “OMEK” in Budapest, where Serbia is the guest of honor. The minister, who is accompanied at the fair by raspberry products, as agreed with the minister of agriculture of Hungary, Istvan Nagy, said that an agreement on the export of Serbian raspberries had been reached as well.

– The raspberry producers arrived here in order to offer our raspberries, because Hungary is a large importer of raspberries, but doesn’t import them from Serbia for some reason. Now we have realized that agreement. Also, beekeepers, organic producers, producers of brandy and wine are here – the minister said.

Tanaskovic emphasized that the export of agricultural products to Hungary had grown to the point where, from 2018, when it was EUR 150 million, Serbia arrived to EUR 345 million in 2022.

– The idea is for the trade to be bigger this year and to grow with each year – Tanaskovic said.

As the honorary guest of the fair, Serbia got the central spot in the pavilion of the HUNGEXPO space, and the presentation at said fair is a good opportunity for local companies to present their products and export them to the Hungarian market. The presentation of the Serbian companies’ exporting offer is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and with support from the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.