News 25.09.2023

Minister Kisić at the international meeting in Hungary: “It is a great honor to represent Serbia”

Minister for Family Care and Demography Darija Kisić spoke today from Hungary, where she is attending an international meeting.

“It is a great honor to represent the Republic of Serbia at the 5th Demographic Forum in Budapest, which was officially opened today by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary, Viktor Orbán.

This meeting is an opportunity for countries facing demographic challenges to exchange experiences and present their measures implemented in this regard.

Serbia certainly has something to present at this summit, because since last year we have started to note positive trends.

The measures implemented by the state in order to improve the demographic picture, which have started to produce results, certainly contributed to all of this.

From financial support to families, which has never been greater, subsidies for mothers to buy apartments, to the support provided by the state in the process of in vitro fertilization and the creation of a comprehensive economic environment in our country that enables our citizens to have a much better quality of life.

Everything we do and build, and we have done a lot under the leadership of our President Aleksandar Vučić, all those kilometers of roads, bridges, open factories, new jobs, we are doing it all for our future, for our children,” the minister’s post on social media reads. networks.