News 01.12.2023

Industrial Park in Horgos Might Be Expanded Soon, as Joint Project of Hungary and Serbia

Thanks to the construction of the Szeged-Subotica railroad, the fact that rail transport is functioning again, the construction of the fast railroad which will connect Budapest and Belgrade and the extended work hours of the border crossing on the main road, there will be room in the municipality of Kanjiza for new investments, pointed out the minister of construction and transport of Hungary, Janos Lazar, in the municipality of Kanjiza.

– We have taken a tour of the industrial park in Horgos and talked about the possibilities of bringing investors to the industrial park. Primarily, there was talk of a rail terminal for containers. In order to realize this, the Hungarian government and the Serbian government need to cooperate. There are good possibilities for it, there have already been such intentions, now it needs to be realized, it needs to be accelerated – said Lazar, as announced on the website of this local self-government.