Вести 20.12.2023

Hungary-Serbia Oil Pipeline Pronounced Project of Importance for Our Country

The Serbian government adopted yesterday the Conclusion establishing the Project “Construction of the Hungary-Republic of Serbia Oil Pipeline” as a project of importance for the Republic of Serbia.

The project, as announced, is planned under a list of priority investments as one of strategic projects in the field of oil supply.

– Serbia is supplied with imported crude oil from one direction only, through the Republic of Croatia, through the Janaf oil pipeline, and the construction of the new oil pipeline to Hungary will ensure a safer supply of the domestic refinery, and thus the domestic market – the announcement says.

It is added that the oil pipeline project will enable a potential reduction of the overall costs of crude oil for the end-user, considering the direct connection by pipelines to the source, and at the same time, the costs of transports and the prices of oil products as the final products would be reduced as well.

Also, the project would enable the diversification of crude oil supply routes so that the Republic of Serbia, in addition to the current supply of oil through the Croatian oil pipeline Janaf, would have the possibility of being supplied through the Druzhba pipeline.

Website: https://www.ekapija.com/en/news/4486897/hungary-serbia-oil-pipeline-pronounced-project-of-importance-for-our-country