Uncategorized 30.10.2023

Serbia is the guest of honor at the largest agricultural fair in Hungary

Serbia is the guest of honor at the largest agricultural fair in Hungary. Trade exchange between Serbia and Hungary is five times higher than 10 years ago. The export of agricultural products is also growing, and soon raspberries from Serbia will be added to the list of export products.

Serbia is presented in Budapest with top quality products from selected fruits and vegetables, honey and wines.

“Raspberry growers came to offer our raspberries, Hungary is a big importer of raspberries, but for some reason they don’t import from Serbia, and here we realized that deal here now at this fair. An extremely important partner because of our political and economic relations, but also an extremely large the market that chooses, their customers know what they want, so I hope that Serbian products will find their way in Hungary,” says Serbian Minister of Agriculture Jelena Tanasković.

Hungarians see cooperation with Serbia as one of the reasons for the good results of their agriculture despite the crisis on the global market.

“We are good neighbors, we have a historical commonality. The possibilities before us are fantastic for future cooperation and joint projects in the European Union and outside it,” says Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy.

Hungary is famous for both wine and honey, but Serbian producers think they can win over Hungarian consumers.

Dragana Janjić from the Aleksić Winery says that they are ripe for competition from Serbia and the Serbian market, that there is good interest and good reactions from consumers who have tried the wines.

“We came here to establish contacts and cooperation with future business partners, and it is a great honor for us to be at the Serbian stand,” said Biljana Tomić from the Apis Plus Bee Farm.

In economic cooperation, the two countries are recording better and better results. In the first 6 months of this year, exports to Hungary increased by 13.6 percent compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the surplus is on our side. Hungary is Serbia’s 4th export and 6th import partner.